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Mind Switch


What We Really Want!

  • Clarity and Calm?
  • A Peaceful, Positive Mindset?
  • Energy, Drive, Motivation?
  • Creative, Inspired Thinking?

At work, in business and in our private lives, we all want the things it takes to have success, happiness and fulfilment.

What Stops Us!

Blocks in our thinking, negative experiences and beliefs, inner conflicts and old habits of thinking and behaviour can all keep us from the life achievements we want.

The Symptoms:

These show up as stress, low energy, anxiety, negative thoughts and "mind chatter", low mood or depression, lack of motivation, procrastination and self sabotage.

The Solutions:

Mind Switch uses modern brain science and cutting-edge psychology to shift the blocks that keep us from the life we're meant for. 

Mind Switch works with the way we code things in our mind - the pictures and the feelings that represent an event or issue.  We can use simple tools and approaches to "play with the coding, NOT the content", to pull out negative patterns. This generally results in much quicker positive effects than many of the older methods of bringing about psychological change. 

Apart from being prepared to "play", these techniques involve very little effort, and can bring permanent positive change.

After using these direct techniques to shift your blocks, the next step is to apply new patterns of thinking and responding, to lock in the changes for the future.

The Results:

"Inner peace" sounds like a big claim, but it's not uncommon for people to remark, after working with me - "It's quiet in there, for the first time I can remember!". Incessant negative thoughts can quickly dissolve, leaving space to really live! 

The result is that you get to reclaim (or possibly claim for the first time) your true self - the person you are without the plaque of "mind rubbish" that can build up through life experience. This paves the way for truer, warmer connections with others, and life success.

Take Action!

Don't let more years go by! Click the buttons below (or links top left) to Business or Personal programs to explore my range of services. Then call during business hours to schedule a free phone consultation to discuss what you need and the match with my skills and services.