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Mind Switch uses the quick-change techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming (or NLP) to boost capacity and resources - in career, workplace and business or in life, communication and relationships.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a relatively new branch of psychological understanding and intervention.

Originally modeled from some of the most dramatically successful communicators, therapists and change agents of last century, the field continues to grow and expand, adding a clearer understanding of the mechanisms of change and developing even more effective techniques.

Over the past few decades, NLP has grown into a field which builds resources in every part of life and work, and is now widely used in management, communication, sales, negotiation and relationship building as well as for building personal mindset, professional capacity and skill.

It can be used, for instance, to create rapid rapport with others, to overcome issues such as anxiety, stress and procrastination and it provides a framework for highly effective and ethical negotiation.

NLP techniques work directly with the way the human mind codes and stores memories, thoughts and experiences, and the feelings we attach to these. The quick shifts that occur within this framework leave the former tools of willpower and positive thinking looking like the stone age tools of change.

In business and workplaces, NLP provides profoundly practical tools for boosting mindset, selecting, developing and retaining a winning team and connecting with your valued clients and customers, creating outstanding results.