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Intensive Intervention! 

Welcome to Mind Switch Coaching and Change!

After the introduction below, you will see that in practice, the change comes first, and then the coaching!

When you choose to work with my approach (Neuro Linguistic Programming - or "NLP"), you are fast-tracking psychological change.  



With a background in traditional psychology, I have a strong appreciation of what that area of practice can do.  Mind Switch services, however, don't work in the same way.

When we are working together, you will notice that we don't spend a great deal of time on your background and story. This is often a place you have dwelt for a long time.  You may even be creating some of your identity from it. We do just enough exploration to find the giant steps you need, to get you somewhere better!

We jump quickly past "reflective listening" into active techniques to shift the way you think and feel.


Flagship Intervention Services

When you click on the buttons below (or the links at top left) - for personal or for business services - you will see, for each of these two categories, what I call the "Flagship" service.  

1. For Personal services, this is the "Emotional Breakthrough".  

2. For Business, this is the "Business Mindset Block Buster".  

Each of these intervention sessions is structured to give you the greatest possible change in the shortest possible timeframe.  

The exploratory tasks beforehand help to fast-track the session, and the follow-up guiding materials for after the session create a reference point to cement the changes into the future.

So What are All Those Other Services?

The "Critical Voice Technique" is a specialised service to clear out rubbishy mental chatter - fast! As well as making a permanent positive change towards a happy life, it gives a taste of the kind of things that are possible and creates a transition point to the "Breakthrough" or "Block Buster" experiences.

Next is an Education Session. Having had so much benefit, myself, from my field of work - NLP - over the years, I love sharing the techniques and understandings with others in a way that they can take away and work with, themselves.  After the flagship experiences, I have therefore created for each field, an education experience, also, in which we can spend a session sharing the ground breaking insights from NLP for daily living. In effect, it is like giving you the manual to your own mind! This session comes with my complimentary e-book "Your Mind, A User's Manual" to capture all the "Aha moments" and take them with you.

I have also created a package that cost-effectively bundles these first three services together.

(As a specialised personal service - there is also a "Baggage Dumper", specifically for people who want to clear negative thoughts and feelings from past relationships, to be ready for new love to come into their lives.)

Once you've cleared your way to the life you're meant for with intervention sessions, coaching is a brilliant method for setting direction, to get what you truly want from life, and to be held to account for the steps it takes to get there.

Coaching provides support to dream and incentive to achieve.

Mind Switch Coaching services consist of a "Goal Setting" session, which can be combined with either the "Whipcracker" punchy check-in service or "Classic Coaching".

The final two packages listed in each category provide a cost effective way to bundle the NLP and coaching services together, to take you through the whole transformational journey, in partnership with someone who has the tools and insights to know "how you tick"  - and get you ticking differently in the ways you need!

Session Structure and Pricing

The Mind Switch fee structure is shown on each of the services in the Business and Personal section of the website. (Access top left or using the buttons below.)

Mind Switch is not the cheapest of NLP practices. Nor is it by any means the most expensive.  Mind Switch strives to create unmatched value in terms of permanent, transformational change. Because it creates rapid change, it compares favourably to a long series of traditional psychology sessions.

I provide options for my clients to continue to work with me, not to continue with the same issue, but because when we clear one issue, we often find ourselves at a new level, with a new type of issue - a better quality of problem!

One client, for instance, came originally to me as a business client, to solve some staff issues he was having. He returned, to work with me around personal issues and relationship. Finally, he worked with me again, to clarify and begin the contribution he wanted to make in the world.

The Flagship "Emotional Breakthrough" or "Business Mindset Blockbuster" sessions both involve pre-session tasks to maximise your value from the session. The face-to-face component is ideally delivered  as two one-and-a-half-hour sessions, with further tasks between. This structure consolidates and buiids on the breakthroughs and learnings along the way.

My session pricing reflects the substantial personalised input at each stage - prior to and after the sessions, as well as in the face-to-face component. 

I know this model works, and will not compromise in getting great results for the people I work with!

Click Personal or Business, below, to explore the services that will create the future you want.